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There's a war on the "ego project", and I'm in the advanced guard!

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"Thus, in the name of that will to freedom which is implied in freedom itself, I can form judgments upon those who seek to hide from themselves the wholly voluntary nature of their existence and its complete freedom. Those who hide from this total freedom, in a guise of solemnity or with deterministic excuses, I shall call cowards. Others, who try to show that their existence is necessary, when it is merely an accident of the appearance of the human race on earth — I shall call scum." --Jean-Paul Sartre

30 year-old American, born and raised in small-town Florida. I live in San Jose, CA, and I currently work for Hewlett Packard in an emerging technologies group. I have a strong interest in systems design of any kind. This includes operating systems, hardware virtualization systems (VMWare, Xen, etc), distributed computing platforms, etc. I tend to be more interested in things that are very low level, but this is largely based on an aesthetic joy from "working with the bare metal."

When I'm not planted in front of a glowing screen, I generally have my nose in a book or scholarly magazine. I enjoy reading about many different scholarly disciplines, though philosophy and foreign policy are at the top of the list currently. I'm a musician, and I consider myself to have at least a reasonable amount of talent at it. I am a vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, and flautist, and am in the process of gathering enough material for my first recording production. I own a hammered dulcimer, but can play only fairly simple tunes on it at the moment.

Lately, my major creative activity has been producing video for the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. I love videography and I love roller derby...so combining the two makes a lot of sense. I also am co-founder and co-director of Greentime, a now defunct video blog documenting the ways in which I and nancyblue, the co-founder, are trying to green our semi-urban lifestyle. Much of it is our own personal journal interspersed with "how to" material, and sometimes friends join us on the show. You can subscribe to our RSS feed through the site. Also, if you're interested in a "behind the scenes" look at our video production crew, you can friend wlight_prod.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator. Currently, I am licensed at the Technician level. My callsign is KI4FWY.

I am an atheist and consider myself to be a minimalist when it comes to where I will and will not accept metaphysical notions. Some days, I'm more hard-line than others, but in general, I am not fond of assumed metaphysical constructs (such as the soul, "energy", etc). My perspective is roughly congruent with the more basic ideas of the French existentialists, though I believe existentialists struggle too much with their notion of angst or "nausea" for my tastes. An ancillary component of my worldview comes from the transpersonalists.

I used to tell people that that didn't mean I didn't sometimes find some sort of relief or enjoyment or solace in the occasional act of magick or mysticism. I can't say that's true any longer. At the same time, it's still true. My magick is not doing magick. In fact, my magick is the denial of magick. When I do so, I find I'm acknowledging and resonating the cosmic emptiness inside us all. I consider that genuine existential realization. I'm an eclectic and lover of the absurd. I'm a dues-paying Subgenius. My church name is Rev. CouchSloth.

The most important person in my life is nancyblue, my wife. In the years she and I have been together, she has shown me a love unlike anything I have ever experienced before. She is a true companion emotionally, intellectually, and physically. I nurture her and am nurtured by her.


These colors never run.

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